Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer's Moon (2009)

Miss Ashley Greene. What can I say outside of twilight she does a good job in Summer's Moon. She plays a rebellious teen who runs away from home in search of her father that she never met before. She hitchhikes her way to a remote country town that her father lives in fleeing the local law along the way. When she arrives she meets a local stranger with whom she hooks up with that has a thing for torturing and murdering women. Now here is the interesting details about the characters. Little does Summer know what she is getting into because the local stranger that she hooks up with is actually her half brother who is a psycho murderer. Her daddy whom is out of town when she arrives does the same as her brother but takes it on the road. Her stepmother is just a crazy bitch that goes along with her son and husbands crazy antics. I'm starting to think insest is a common theme in these horror movies because family or not they don't mind hooking up. Now Summer's brother is an interesting character. When he catches his victims he calls them garden angels and chains them down in the basement so his garden can grow. I wasn't to sure why he needed them for his garden but I kept watching to find out. When ever his angel died he would keep their skulls as a souvenir. When daddy finally arrives home every one is on high alert. They are so scared of this man that they ensure that every thing that he likes is ready and in place when he arrives. One of his likes being a nice victim to torture and kill. So after their version of a nice family dinner is done daddy goes down stairs to his present and brings his newly found daughter with him to witness his work. She is trembling the whole time because if he doesn't get his way he turns psycho violent at the drop of a dime. When he returns up stairs he announces that he is taking Summer on the road with him. Her brother isn't going to stand for it and even grabs a gun to ensure his voice is heard. Daddy grabs the gun from him with some belittling remarks and shoots his son and wife with the intention to start a new family with his newly found daughter. Once on the road daddies hunger to kill flares up as they stop at a camp ground to use the bathroom. As he was talking to his unsuspecting victim Summer sneaks out of the car, grabs a knife, and stabs daddy to death in front of the potential victim. It ends with her just walking away back to the car I presume. I believe this could of ended a lot better than it did but I'm glad she killed that psycho bastard. Now the moral of this story is listen to your mom even if you hate her at the moment. She maybe protecting you for a reason. It was good and for a freebie on demand I wasn't disappointed to much. Ashley Greene did a great job and should return to the horror genre more often. I'm going to give my stamp of approval on this one and say give it a look see and feel free to disagree with me if you would like. 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Hamiltons (2006)

I went off genre with this one..Its classified as a thriller.. It's about a transient vampire family that relocates when their parents get killed in an accident. David is the oldest and he takes care of his four sibling vampires ensuring that they have blood by any means necessary. From kidnapping random victims to inviting friends over for sleep overs and night caps they get their blood...This movie was a waste of time but I couldn't stop watching it cause it was like a train reck I wanted to see how it ended. The oldest brother David is a in the closest homosexual who picks up transients and drains them dry. The twins Wendell and Darlene are insest freaks and when ever they get the chance they are all over each other. The 2nd to youngest  Francis Hamilton is like the dude from a beautiful mind that tapes every thing he sees to try to capture a deeper meaning of it all. Lastly there is Lenny. Now Lenny is not revealed to the ending of the movie and he is locked away in a room in the basement because apparently he can't control his thrist for blood and will eat every thing in site. This movie starts out so slow and is dry. Instead of just coming out and saying they are vampires it left me scratching my head the whole time and the camera work was awful but I guess that is what you get for free on demand. Mitchell Altieri, Phil Flores, and Adam Weis need to stick to writing and if Mitchell and Phil decide to stick to directing they need to take some directing classes because their actors where dry as can be. So in conclusion the story was there but the delivery didn't make it. I disagree with the rating. I give it a 3.5 instead of a 5.2 out of 10. I say save your time and find some thing else. That's it for the night be back soon.
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The other half

Hey everybody. I'm Angela D Lauren's best friend and partner in crime on this blog. I'm going to try to keep up with HorrorChick23 as much as I can on watching  movies but she seems to have more horror movie channels than I do. When we do go out to catch the latest flicks I will give you my honest opinion and feel free to disagree with me.. I love a good discussion. But anyways I will try my best to keep up and hopefully this will be a good ride.

Reeker and Rise of the Reeker

I am going to review two movies. Reeker and Rise of the Reeker. Reeker is the first movie of this set and Rise of the Reeker came out after, it was a prequel. 

Reeker (2005) A group of college students are driving out to a party when their car stalls out at an abandoned diner/motel. They are soon being stalked and killed by an entity that literally reeks. He is foul smelling, that's for sure. Now I really liked this movie. It was something different, though I feel the killings could be a little more original. And, when you finally get a glance at The Reeker, it was a bit disappointing. The twist at the end was great. I definitely suggest it. Don't be put of by the confusing parts, the end explains it all to you. Worth a watch.

Rise of the Reeker (2008) This is the prequel to Reeker. You get the back story of who the Reeker is and why he smells so damn bad. You also get to see him when he first appears to start doing his killings. This movie takes place at a diner/motel (hmmm wonder where we have heard that), which becomes a stand up between bank robbers and two police officers. Then the crazy stuff starts to happen. Guys are walking around with crazy injuries and the Reeker is doing what he does best. The Reeker himself also looks much cooler than what was portrayed. This was what had drawn me to the movie in the first place (I had seen this before I even knew about Reeker). At first, no one knows what is going on. And when a Native American man comes in and explains what is going on, no one believes him. Of course they think he's crazy and they know he's drunk (really? they just had to put that stereotype in. most of us Native Americans aren't drunks). But they soon learn he's right, as so many people in horror movies learn. The ending was along the lines of Reeker. But I like the endings. I definitely suggest this one as well. I like this one better than Reeker. You really could watch them in any order if you'd like.  


7 Nights of Darkness

This movie is about reality show contestants spending 7 days in an abandoned and haunted asylum. The prize for sticking it out that long was the prize of $1 million. Of course as you may have guessed, no one made it out of there. They say it's a mixture of The Ring and Blair Witch Project. The Ring, no. What was seen is nothing that hasn't been seen in a ton of haunted house type movies before hand. Blair Witch, yes. The whole hand held camera thing of course. But the ending, SPOILER ALERT, was ripped off from their ending. I mean come on. The movie wasn't really too bad. There were some creepy parts when you see some of the ghosts. But that's about it. I found myself annoyed with the characters involved in this. They kept talking over each other all the time. Granted that's what would happen if this was a real life situation but, when trying to watch a movie and understand what's going on, that type of thing does not help. It was also dark throughout the entire movie. Also hard to understand what's going on if you can not see it. All in all, it was another typical low budget, found footage type movie. Nothing that hasn't been done before. As it was exciting in some parts, it was way boring in others. The only reason why I was generally interested in this movie is because I love me a good ole haunted insane asylum. If you like those kinds of movies, give it a go. Don't expect too much from it. Other than that, skip over it.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Chernobyl Diaries

Where oh where do I begin with this piece of garbage? My best friend (my fellow horror movie partner in crime) and I went to go see this in the theater last night. I was excited to see this. It looked like it could be freaky. But trailers always make the movies seem great. Walking into this movie I was hoping Oren Peli would prove me wrong. Not much of a fan of his. I never found any of the Paranormal Activity movies scary or exciting. The River was a big fail in my eyes (and the eyes of the networks). He didn't prove me wrong. This movie sucked! I can't find words to describe it's suckyness in a nice way.  You get a bunch of tourists going to the city of Pripyat, where the disaster took place. Seems like fun right. Will only be there a few hours and then go on their way. Well it didn't happen that way. Throughout the movie you see the tourists running around trying to find a way out and trying to stay away from whatever it is attacking their group. You sit there for awhile watching them run around in circles terrified in the dark. It's not really exciting. Then you barely get to see what is attacking them. When you finally get to see one, it's comical. It was boring, not scary, slow moving, and a disappointment. Plus, I see exactly why people are offended by this movie. Oren Peli claims that he was not intending on making this offensive but making it with the utmost respect. I hardly see making the victims of this disaster into mutated cannibals being anything but offensive. I also see that in the horror world, situations made from anything are turned into movies that most people seem to enjoy and not find offense to. But, that's a different blog. Moral of this post, don't see the movie. Save your money and your time. It's a waste of both. If anyone is telling you this movie was good, they must not see many horror movies to begin with. That and their taste in movies suck. Horror Chick over and out.

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So as most of you have heard, I've been thinking about starting my own Horror Movie blog. Why? Well you could say I'm a bit fanatic about horror movies. Maybe obsessed to the point I should be on that show on TLC. Anyways, most of my free time is spent watching horror movies. Most of my theater adventures are to see the latest horror movies that come out. At night you can find me watching horror movies that range from foreign to indy to low budget to the classics. Since my FB friends seem to trust my opinions on movies, I thought I'd give this blog a chance. So sit back and enjoy. Also, feel free to leave me comments on movies you want me to review or movies you think I should watch. 

-HorrorChick23 (yes i am aware i spelled horror wrong. so sue me)