Sunday, July 17, 2016

Zomosapiens by David Moon

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My next book review brings us to Zomosapiens by David Moon. We get to see the zombie apocalypse from the zombies point of view. In this book, we see the zombie apocalypse unfold after nanotechnology, which is supposed to help make people younger, goes horribly wrong when our main character Laura is struck and killed by a a car. The zombie apocalypse unfolds as those who are brought back to life, had to feed their insatiable appetite. Though not quite zombies, as they feel, think, and even have sex. This is where we get the zomosapiens term from. 

This is a really fun and enjoyable book. Not only do you get our zombies, there are also werewolf types and vampire types. All effected by the nanotechnology that inevitable changes things about them when they either get bitten, or die. Having the story unfold from their point of view is refreshing and gives a glimpse into their world. Gives us an idea of how their hunger controls them, and how it would unfold if we have actual thinking zombies. I also loved the werewolves in this story. They were also effected by the nanotechonolgy, but it effected them in a different way. Making them these huge beasts that can not be stopped. It is seriously a fun book that you can not put down. Refreshing way of explaining the zombie apocalypse. And how can you not like the term they give to themselves, zomosapiens. It's fitting.This is another story I put in my list of must read stories. Do yourself a favor and grab this book. 5 out of 5 from me. 

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Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Electric Series by Casey Harvell

Ladies and Gents, I am finally back after a long hiatus. I am starting a new series within this blog, where I will be reviewing various horror/scifi books. First up, The Electric Series by Casey Harvell. 

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 This series focuses on a group of friends, most importantly a young girl named Kat, who is thrown into an apocalypse. The apocalypse is caused by nanobot technology gone horribly wrong. Saving the world falls into Kats hands,  as her abilities with being electrically charged, seem to be the only thing that stops the nanobots. 

I have to stay I really loved this series. I finished it within a week, and couldn't put it down. The characters are written in a way where you can relate to them, and you feel a connection. Kat for instance, just a normal girl who's starting to come into her own as a teenager. Trying to get through school, participating in a band with her bestfriend, dealing with her first love, dealing with the mean girls. The character development just made the book so much more enjoyable and you really wanted to know what would happen to them. Spoiler alert, there's even a baby bear. Probably my favorite character. The nanobot apocalypse itself is distressing within this book. You can see it unfolding, and you can feel both hopeless and hopeful as the series continues on. It's quite disturbing in some areas when you hear what the nanobots have done to some humans. Disturbing in a way that will freak you out, but not something that turns you away. I really loved how Casey chose to use nanobot technology as the end of the world, as opposed to biological warfare. It makes this series that much more of an 'edge of your seat' read, because you can see this happening. Honestly, there aren't many books that I pick up and can't put down. This series goes into the short list of books that I couldn't put down. It brought out so many emotions, which is rare these days in books. I even teared up quite a bit when reading.  Please go pick up the series on amazon. You won't be disappointed. It has a little something for everyone. 5 out of 5 stars. 

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thank you so much for reading this review. remember to check out Casey Harvell, and to pick up her books. stay tuned tomorrow when I will be reviewing David Moon's Zomosapiens. 

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