Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tusk (2014)

Ladies and gents I am back, after an unbearably long hiatus. School, work, and my personal life had gotten in the way. I am here to bring you my very first review.It involves the movie "Tusk".

Summary: The host of a podcast, goes to Canada in search of a story. He finds someone who peaks his interests. However, he finds that more sinister plans are in place. 

Let me start off by saying this, you need to watch this movie. Quite frankly, I think Kevin Smith is a genius for this film. It's the perfect blend of disturbing and funny. Plus it has a great cast. There is a moment in this film, that literally left me with my mouth hanging open. I was shocked, horrified, and entertained at that moment. Definitely feelings that carried on throughout the film. Do yourself a favor and watch this movie. You will not be disappointed.

Until next time....horrorchick23

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

coming soon!

So I have not been on this blog in a very long time. With school and work I had to take a very long hiatus. Now I am coming back. In time for Halloween, my favorite time of the year. In time for all of these new horror movies that are coming out. I have quite a few reviews to write out, so I shoukd hope to have those posted soon. So stay tuned. 

Stay scary friends,