Sunday, May 27, 2012

Reeker and Rise of the Reeker

I am going to review two movies. Reeker and Rise of the Reeker. Reeker is the first movie of this set and Rise of the Reeker came out after, it was a prequel. 

Reeker (2005) A group of college students are driving out to a party when their car stalls out at an abandoned diner/motel. They are soon being stalked and killed by an entity that literally reeks. He is foul smelling, that's for sure. Now I really liked this movie. It was something different, though I feel the killings could be a little more original. And, when you finally get a glance at The Reeker, it was a bit disappointing. The twist at the end was great. I definitely suggest it. Don't be put of by the confusing parts, the end explains it all to you. Worth a watch.

Rise of the Reeker (2008) This is the prequel to Reeker. You get the back story of who the Reeker is and why he smells so damn bad. You also get to see him when he first appears to start doing his killings. This movie takes place at a diner/motel (hmmm wonder where we have heard that), which becomes a stand up between bank robbers and two police officers. Then the crazy stuff starts to happen. Guys are walking around with crazy injuries and the Reeker is doing what he does best. The Reeker himself also looks much cooler than what was portrayed. This was what had drawn me to the movie in the first place (I had seen this before I even knew about Reeker). At first, no one knows what is going on. And when a Native American man comes in and explains what is going on, no one believes him. Of course they think he's crazy and they know he's drunk (really? they just had to put that stereotype in. most of us Native Americans aren't drunks). But they soon learn he's right, as so many people in horror movies learn. The ending was along the lines of Reeker. But I like the endings. I definitely suggest this one as well. I like this one better than Reeker. You really could watch them in any order if you'd like.  


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