Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Corridor (2012)

The Corridor is about a group of friends who go for a weekend camping trip/funeral type deal in the woods. As the weekend progresses, they encounter some sort of unexplainable entity (not sure if that's the right word for what this was) and things turn deadly. 
This movie was very confusing and hard to follow. You really had to pay attention from the start to realize what was going on. The movies opening scene started out exciting but slowed down from there. It picks up towards the end of the movie. That seems to be the usual thing in horror movies. And then when they encounter what's in the woods, things get really weird. But it's a good kind of weird. That stuff that happens while not very creepy, were weird and a bit bloody. All in all it wasn't bad at all. Definitely watch it. But watch it at a time you know you won't be distracted. 

One thing I liked about this movie was, you really get this 'Dreamcatcher' vibe from it. This movie seems like it was something Stephen King may have thought up. In fact, when looking at movies similar to this, the first movie listed is 'Dreamcatcher'. However, it's plot is vastly different. So while similar, it's in no way the same movie with a different name. Now I wouldn't catergorize it as horror. It's listed as horror, and while some of the scenes are bloody and a bit brutal, it's not horror at all. I would consider this movie to be suspense/thriller type of deal. 

With that being said, I recommend it. I'm certain you've seen movies that are way worse.


Monday, June 4, 2012

The Clinic (2010)

In 1979 on Christmas eve, Cameron and his pregnant fiancĂ©, Beth are traveling through the Australian outback to get to Beth’s parent’s house to spend Christmas with them. While they are traveling in the evening a wreck less driver runs them off the road and they decide to stay in motel in Montgomery.  During the night while Beth is sleeping Cameron gets hungry and decides to get some Chinese food.  The restaurant turns out to be closed and he runs out of gas.When he finally gets back to the hotel room Beth is missing. He calls the police and accuses the hotel receptionist in the process. After trying to hit the receptionist he gets arrested but quickly takes control of the situation by stealing the cop's gun. Back at the "Clinic" Beth awakes in a bath tub of ice with a c-section.While trying to seek out her baby she finds four other women in her situation. They band together to try and find their babies. They soon discover that they where stolen for couples that cannot legally adopt and pay for a chance to have a child of their own and that their is a crazy 6th woman trying to kill them all to get her baby back. Even though most of the women die the great part about this story is that the main character Beth escapes the clinic, finds the woman who is running this crazy show, kills her, and escapes this nightmare with her baby girl in her arms. This movie was good and I didn't want to stop watching. It kept me wondering what was going to happen next and I love how the crazy clinic owner got hers in the end. If you love movies like this where the victim comes out as the victor I suggest you see this movie. 

The Bleeding (2009)

As a major vampire movie fan I was so disappointed with this one. This one was about a slayer Shawn Black that is in a race to save the world from his evil brother vampire. This one is like most of your bad, low, budget vampire movies. The acting was so bad and I felt as if the actors didn’t really know how to portray a vampire. Now if you have a thing for hot, muscular bald men whom look like wrestlers you will enjoy the protagonist Shawn black. Mr. Black is a soldier whom just got out of the military looking for his presumably dead brother. He meets father Roy, Lena, and father Roy’s assistant along the way and they help him slay vampires throughout the movie. Black’s dead brother aka Cain is the head vampire and is on a mission to create a vampire army. He looks like a cheesy pimp trying to portray a vampire leader but got confused on how to do so. He was over acting every time he talked. Kat Von D aka Vanya played Cain’s main woman. The only good thing about her in this movie was her out fit and how she looked as a vampire. I love Kat Von D and I’m a hugh fan of her art work but acting isn’t her thing. It was awkward watching her in this role. Now I’m not going to continue to bore you with the details of this train wreck but like most vampire slayer movies the slayer prevails and the slayer and his woman walk off into the sunset. Don’t even waste your time on this one as the acting was just completely off and gives a bad reputation to vampire slayer movies. I give it a 2.5 instead of a 3.4.

The Pact (2012)

The Pact is a movie about a woman who returns to her childhood home after her mothers death. After she experiences strange and terrifying occurrences and two family members go missing, she tries to find out what happened to them and what is happening in that house. 

There were so many unanswered questions throughout the entire movie. You are left wondering why something is happening, what it's all about, how did they get to this point. I'm confused about what I had just seen. They really should have taken the time to explain a lot of what was going on. As for the haunting parts, those were really great. I actually jumped a few times. I never jump at movies anymore. This one really got me. You get the creepiness of the haunting plus the creepiness of a psychic that is brought in. The creep factor alone makes it worth watching. If you are looking for a movie that has a good haunting, I suggest this one. You'll be confused at the end but you sure will have jumped once or twice. One last thing, the actors did a really good job. They made the story very believable, which is sometimes hard to do with a horror movie. Enjoy!


Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Darker Reality (2008)

A Darker Reality is about a serial killer nicknamed Ghost Face who kidnaps women and brutally tortures them before eventually killing them. In this movie you have a detective and an FBI agent working to solve this case. 

Honestly, I don't know why they decided to make this movie. Daniel Baldwin did a really great job of playing this psychopath, who tortures these women. Though a lot is not seen, what is seen is disturbing as well as what is described. Other than Baldwin's eerily good acting with this character, the movie sucked. You're stuck with both of the investigators most of the time. It was more like a bad cop show watching them. Then you get Silence of the Lamb references when the detective asks for help by another disturbing sicko. And the way it played out, it wasn't good. I stuck with this movie mostly so I could inform you all on it and, when I start a movie I will suffer through it until the end. Do yourselves a favor and skip this film.

P.S. I found out that this film was a sequel. And if this sequel is any indication of how the first one is, I think it's best if all of you and myself skip that one all together. 


Friday, June 1, 2012

Zombie Movies To Watch

I figured with the impending Zombie Apocalypse, I could suggest a few zombie movies for everyone to watch. Watch them, study them, gain information from them. You'll need to be prepared. 

1. Night of the Living Dead, The original and 90s remake (Avoid the '06 remake. It was dumb as hell)
2. Dawn of the Dead, The original and the remake
3. Diary of the Dead.
4. Zombieland. This movie lays out rules for you! Important rules. Write those rules down and follow them.
5. The Zombie Diaries
6. La Horde (It's French. But it's good. And it's useful!)

Watch these films and learn something. Also, I suggest reading The Zombie Survival Guide. 
If you have any other films to suggest, please suggest them and share them so everyone knows.

Over and out,