Sunday, May 27, 2012

7 Nights of Darkness

This movie is about reality show contestants spending 7 days in an abandoned and haunted asylum. The prize for sticking it out that long was the prize of $1 million. Of course as you may have guessed, no one made it out of there. They say it's a mixture of The Ring and Blair Witch Project. The Ring, no. What was seen is nothing that hasn't been seen in a ton of haunted house type movies before hand. Blair Witch, yes. The whole hand held camera thing of course. But the ending, SPOILER ALERT, was ripped off from their ending. I mean come on. The movie wasn't really too bad. There were some creepy parts when you see some of the ghosts. But that's about it. I found myself annoyed with the characters involved in this. They kept talking over each other all the time. Granted that's what would happen if this was a real life situation but, when trying to watch a movie and understand what's going on, that type of thing does not help. It was also dark throughout the entire movie. Also hard to understand what's going on if you can not see it. All in all, it was another typical low budget, found footage type movie. Nothing that hasn't been done before. As it was exciting in some parts, it was way boring in others. The only reason why I was generally interested in this movie is because I love me a good ole haunted insane asylum. If you like those kinds of movies, give it a go. Don't expect too much from it. Other than that, skip over it.

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