Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Hamiltons (2006)

I went off genre with this one..Its classified as a thriller.. It's about a transient vampire family that relocates when their parents get killed in an accident. David is the oldest and he takes care of his four sibling vampires ensuring that they have blood by any means necessary. From kidnapping random victims to inviting friends over for sleep overs and night caps they get their blood...This movie was a waste of time but I couldn't stop watching it cause it was like a train reck I wanted to see how it ended. The oldest brother David is a in the closest homosexual who picks up transients and drains them dry. The twins Wendell and Darlene are insest freaks and when ever they get the chance they are all over each other. The 2nd to youngest  Francis Hamilton is like the dude from a beautiful mind that tapes every thing he sees to try to capture a deeper meaning of it all. Lastly there is Lenny. Now Lenny is not revealed to the ending of the movie and he is locked away in a room in the basement because apparently he can't control his thrist for blood and will eat every thing in site. This movie starts out so slow and is dry. Instead of just coming out and saying they are vampires it left me scratching my head the whole time and the camera work was awful but I guess that is what you get for free on demand. Mitchell Altieri, Phil Flores, and Adam Weis need to stick to writing and if Mitchell and Phil decide to stick to directing they need to take some directing classes because their actors where dry as can be. So in conclusion the story was there but the delivery didn't make it. I disagree with the rating. I give it a 3.5 instead of a 5.2 out of 10. I say save your time and find some thing else. That's it for the night be back soon.
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