Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer's Moon (2009)

Miss Ashley Greene. What can I say outside of twilight she does a good job in Summer's Moon. She plays a rebellious teen who runs away from home in search of her father that she never met before. She hitchhikes her way to a remote country town that her father lives in fleeing the local law along the way. When she arrives she meets a local stranger with whom she hooks up with that has a thing for torturing and murdering women. Now here is the interesting details about the characters. Little does Summer know what she is getting into because the local stranger that she hooks up with is actually her half brother who is a psycho murderer. Her daddy whom is out of town when she arrives does the same as her brother but takes it on the road. Her stepmother is just a crazy bitch that goes along with her son and husbands crazy antics. I'm starting to think insest is a common theme in these horror movies because family or not they don't mind hooking up. Now Summer's brother is an interesting character. When he catches his victims he calls them garden angels and chains them down in the basement so his garden can grow. I wasn't to sure why he needed them for his garden but I kept watching to find out. When ever his angel died he would keep their skulls as a souvenir. When daddy finally arrives home every one is on high alert. They are so scared of this man that they ensure that every thing that he likes is ready and in place when he arrives. One of his likes being a nice victim to torture and kill. So after their version of a nice family dinner is done daddy goes down stairs to his present and brings his newly found daughter with him to witness his work. She is trembling the whole time because if he doesn't get his way he turns psycho violent at the drop of a dime. When he returns up stairs he announces that he is taking Summer on the road with him. Her brother isn't going to stand for it and even grabs a gun to ensure his voice is heard. Daddy grabs the gun from him with some belittling remarks and shoots his son and wife with the intention to start a new family with his newly found daughter. Once on the road daddies hunger to kill flares up as they stop at a camp ground to use the bathroom. As he was talking to his unsuspecting victim Summer sneaks out of the car, grabs a knife, and stabs daddy to death in front of the potential victim. It ends with her just walking away back to the car I presume. I believe this could of ended a lot better than it did but I'm glad she killed that psycho bastard. Now the moral of this story is listen to your mom even if you hate her at the moment. She maybe protecting you for a reason. It was good and for a freebie on demand I wasn't disappointed to much. Ashley Greene did a great job and should return to the horror genre more often. I'm going to give my stamp of approval on this one and say give it a look see and feel free to disagree with me if you would like. 


  1. I kind of figured you saw it already lol and it was pretty good.