Saturday, May 26, 2012

Chernobyl Diaries

Where oh where do I begin with this piece of garbage? My best friend (my fellow horror movie partner in crime) and I went to go see this in the theater last night. I was excited to see this. It looked like it could be freaky. But trailers always make the movies seem great. Walking into this movie I was hoping Oren Peli would prove me wrong. Not much of a fan of his. I never found any of the Paranormal Activity movies scary or exciting. The River was a big fail in my eyes (and the eyes of the networks). He didn't prove me wrong. This movie sucked! I can't find words to describe it's suckyness in a nice way.  You get a bunch of tourists going to the city of Pripyat, where the disaster took place. Seems like fun right. Will only be there a few hours and then go on their way. Well it didn't happen that way. Throughout the movie you see the tourists running around trying to find a way out and trying to stay away from whatever it is attacking their group. You sit there for awhile watching them run around in circles terrified in the dark. It's not really exciting. Then you barely get to see what is attacking them. When you finally get to see one, it's comical. It was boring, not scary, slow moving, and a disappointment. Plus, I see exactly why people are offended by this movie. Oren Peli claims that he was not intending on making this offensive but making it with the utmost respect. I hardly see making the victims of this disaster into mutated cannibals being anything but offensive. I also see that in the horror world, situations made from anything are turned into movies that most people seem to enjoy and not find offense to. But, that's a different blog. Moral of this post, don't see the movie. Save your money and your time. It's a waste of both. If anyone is telling you this movie was good, they must not see many horror movies to begin with. That and their taste in movies suck. Horror Chick over and out.

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  1. i definatley agree. i knew this was going down hill as soon as they came up with the idea of going to the city and they did have the option to not is a word and they chose not to use it. I didnt feel bad at all for them because they made all the classic horror movie mistakes. Abandoned citites are a no no and being left alone while the group goes to get help is just down right stupid..I have more of a list that i will come up with with my partner in crime. So if you are the type that needs to see it for themselves by all means proceed with caution or wait till it goes to dvd. Over n out...

  2. From the initial trailers I could tell this was going to just be a clone of the recent rash of movies that have come out with the group heading out to the isolated area where the monster(s) get them cause they cant get out of the area. Yes the whole nucular waste town is a cool idea but it was wasted on this.

    I would also have to say that the fact that the director from Paranormal Activity being involved is a strike against it. PA2 was one of the only movies I have paid to see in theaters that I nearly walked out of.

    1. I usually like the mutated horror movies. The Wrong Turn series is something I always enjoy watching. But this was all wrong. So wrong. And I agree, the director of PA being involved was a strike. I remember telling scarebella that I didn't have much confidence in him. He proved me right.

  3. The wrong turn series is always a good one. Oren just needs to quit while he is ahead. I didn't even see the 3rd PA because Lauren said it was just that bad so what was the point of seeing it. But like all train wrecks I might have to witness this one on my own and may get around to seeing it. We'll see.Don't get me wrong there was some parts that I jumped at during his movies because like any other human being when I don't know what is around the corner I react. As for the Chernobyl Diaries he did do his research but he was off about people still living around the reactor. If I had the option to see it again I definitively would not because it was that disappointing. Oren should take some more classes before deciding to write again. Also feel free to call me Ang or scarebella which ever floats your boat :)