Friday, October 12, 2012

Scary or Die (2012)

Summary from This horror anthology has five short films. Zombie action takes place by the Arizona-Mexico border in "The Crossing". "Taejung's Lament" follows a man in mourning for a lost love and his reward for a good deed. A hit-man has a tough job in "Re-Membered". "Clowned" tells the tale of birthday party entertainment gone wrong. "Lover Come Back" reflects on the power of true love. 

Now, I am a huge fan of horror anthology films. And this film did not disappoint like I thought it was going to. I thought each film was good, even if some of them had been done before. The best was definitely the one about the clown. Clowns are definitely creepy, but this story of the clown took it to a whole new level. It's sort of what children's nightmares are made of. Besides the clown story, the other stories were good too. One of them even involved zombies. Who doesn't love zombies. A lot of people were upset, because the stories didn't link together at all. It's not about the individual stories that link together, but the people in them.  

This is another film that is worth a one time watch. Add it to your list of things to watch during October. However, if you're someone who is afraid of clowns, you might want to skip over this story. Another thing, I realize it says Corbin Bleu stars in this film, but don't let that deter you. I didn't even realize the one character was Corbin until I looked up the cast listing.


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