Friday, October 12, 2012

Vile (2011)

Summary from A group of friends stop to pick up a hitchhiking woman only to end up getting drugged by her with a gas. They awaken to find that vials have been implanted in the base of their skulls - which are of course instantly fatal if they are removed, a grinning professional looking woman informs them on TV screens that they have 22hrs to fill these vials with a specific amount of brain fluid, a fluid that is produced during times of extreme pain. Along with another group of unlucky test subjects and with time ticking away they decide to work together and share the burden of reaching their painful target. 

There were a lot of plot holes in this movie and at times it was hard to understand. With that being said, I actually really liked this movie. It was disturbing and cringe worthy. There were times during this movie where I had to look away. I also got me thinking at how I would handle that if I was in that situation. I like movies that get me to think. There needed to be fine tuning, but it was a bit different in the sub-genre that it fits into.

If you're someone who loves these kinds of horror, I definitely suggest it. It's good for at least a one time watch. Or something to watch during my favorite month of October. 


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