Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Corridor (2012)

The Corridor is about a group of friends who go for a weekend camping trip/funeral type deal in the woods. As the weekend progresses, they encounter some sort of unexplainable entity (not sure if that's the right word for what this was) and things turn deadly. 
This movie was very confusing and hard to follow. You really had to pay attention from the start to realize what was going on. The movies opening scene started out exciting but slowed down from there. It picks up towards the end of the movie. That seems to be the usual thing in horror movies. And then when they encounter what's in the woods, things get really weird. But it's a good kind of weird. That stuff that happens while not very creepy, were weird and a bit bloody. All in all it wasn't bad at all. Definitely watch it. But watch it at a time you know you won't be distracted. 

One thing I liked about this movie was, you really get this 'Dreamcatcher' vibe from it. This movie seems like it was something Stephen King may have thought up. In fact, when looking at movies similar to this, the first movie listed is 'Dreamcatcher'. However, it's plot is vastly different. So while similar, it's in no way the same movie with a different name. Now I wouldn't catergorize it as horror. It's listed as horror, and while some of the scenes are bloody and a bit brutal, it's not horror at all. I would consider this movie to be suspense/thriller type of deal. 

With that being said, I recommend it. I'm certain you've seen movies that are way worse.


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