Monday, June 4, 2012

The Clinic (2010)

In 1979 on Christmas eve, Cameron and his pregnant fiancé, Beth are traveling through the Australian outback to get to Beth’s parent’s house to spend Christmas with them. While they are traveling in the evening a wreck less driver runs them off the road and they decide to stay in motel in Montgomery.  During the night while Beth is sleeping Cameron gets hungry and decides to get some Chinese food.  The restaurant turns out to be closed and he runs out of gas.When he finally gets back to the hotel room Beth is missing. He calls the police and accuses the hotel receptionist in the process. After trying to hit the receptionist he gets arrested but quickly takes control of the situation by stealing the cop's gun. Back at the "Clinic" Beth awakes in a bath tub of ice with a c-section.While trying to seek out her baby she finds four other women in her situation. They band together to try and find their babies. They soon discover that they where stolen for couples that cannot legally adopt and pay for a chance to have a child of their own and that their is a crazy 6th woman trying to kill them all to get her baby back. Even though most of the women die the great part about this story is that the main character Beth escapes the clinic, finds the woman who is running this crazy show, kills her, and escapes this nightmare with her baby girl in her arms. This movie was good and I didn't want to stop watching. It kept me wondering what was going to happen next and I love how the crazy clinic owner got hers in the end. If you love movies like this where the victim comes out as the victor I suggest you see this movie. 

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