Saturday, August 18, 2012

V/H/S (2012)

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V/H/S is a movie about a group of misfits who are hired to steal a video tape for someone. The tapes contain 5 stories, each one stranger than the other. 

V/H/S is a movie I have been looking forward to seeing. There has been a lot of hype behind this movie and apparently it scared the crap out of some. Before I criticize those aspects, let me say that this is probably one of the best 'found footage' film I have seen (I don't count Diary of the Dead in that genre. Zombie flicks are zombie flicks to me. No matter how they are done. Otherwise, that would be the best film to me.) But then again I am talking about 'found footage' films and they aren't known to be very good. Other than Grave Encounters I haven't seen a movie in this sub genre that has been good. V/H/S was good. 4/5 stories were interesting and a bit creepy. The 3rd story in this movie was by far my favorite and if this movie isn't keeping your interest, at least watch that one. The 2nd story, WTF. I mean really. WTF. It seemed so out of place from the other stories. It didn't keep up with the other supernatural stories. It shouldn't have been included in this movie. They could have been just 4 stories or have included a different story instead of this one. The problem I had with this movie is, a lot of unanswered questions. You didn't know who wanted the tape, why he wanted the tape, the significance of the tape, why this guy they were robbing this tape in his house, and what essentially happened to this guy. That would have tied the story in really nicely. The unanswered questions made the movie a lot worse than it could have been. I think every horror fan should at least give this movie a shot. It was wayyyyy overhyped but, it was still good. I enjoyed watching it. And it certainly wasn't bored by it as I am by other movies. So it's definitely worth a watch. 

As for the hype of this movie, way overhyped as I stated before. The people who we made sick by this movie or were scared by this movie obviously don't watch a lot of horror movies. That and they were obviously suffering from some sort of sickness beforehand. It really wasn't too scary. I could think of movies that were scarier than this. And the gore factor wasn't even that great. I heard a lot of hype about that too. And I am happy that there wasn't that much gore. Sometimes gore takes away from a movie like this. It adds shock factor without adding to much scare and jump factors. 


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